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Sample Testimonials

The salt applied to roads in this part of the country is devastating to vehicle undercarriages. TC-11 Corrosion Inhibitor is superb at preventing corrosion damage from road salt. TC-11 is truly a remarkable product. There is nothing else as good on the market! – T. Biernacki

I consider TC-11 to be the best gun and knife oil on the market - Rick White

I am a fishing reel repair technician here in Florida. I have tried all the different brands of anti-corrosive products on the market, without much success. They all claim to stop and prevent corrosion from saltwater and salt air. None have lived up to the advertising hype. Last month I was in the local hardware store looking around, and happened to spot a small display of your TC-11 product. I thought, what the heck, it is worth a shot. Wow, was I glad I did!!! After a few tests on the product, I am thoroughly sold on your product. I just went back to today, and bought out the remaining seven precision oilers, and ordered some more. Also bought 4 cans of the spray to put on guides on rods. That is enough to last me for a few months, because I also use it on freshwater reels. I have found that most of the freshwater lakes and streams are becoming saline at a rapid rate.
Again, thank you for your product, and I am passing on the information to all the other reel techs I know! - Charlie Yeager

TC-11 is a great product. I have several cans around my house and barn, and I I have sent them to my family and friends all over the country - Neal Grolnic

After trying everything from heat, a large hammer, WD-40, pullers, absolutely everything, this flywheel would not come off. I was afraid that I was going to have to cut it off and buy a new flywheel and crankshaft. That would have set me back a little over $900. But as soon as I thought my luck was gone, TC-11 to the rescue. I heard about it, thought about it, bought it for $10 at a local hardware store it saved me a fortune. Thank you.  Danny Walton

You have a gold mine with your TC-11 product. I recently came across a pair of needle nose pliers in the shop that were badly rusted. Before throwing them away, I figured I would try to clean them up and see if they could be salvaged. I went to the tool chest for some WD 40 and found your product instead. I couldn’t believe my eyes; this stuff actually pulled the rust right out of the hinge! I literally watched it seep out! I will never buy another can of WD 40!

Thank You,

Jeff Sayers


I use TC-11 regularly on my car collection, which includes post- WW II sports cars, race cars and hot rods. I am very careful about which products I use on these works of automotive art. TC-11 performs as claimed, which is unusual for this class of product.  TC-11 has gone to great lengths to validate their performance claims, which is the primary reason I chose the product. The compatibility with rubber, paint, and plastic is a particularly important issue because of the value of the vehicles. The ability to get some real rust protection in addition to lubricating qualities is a plus over other products I have tried.

H. Harris, Arizona.

TC-11 is so good that WD-40 might as well give up. D. Van Derwulp, Illinois.



TC-11 and 0000 steel wool is great for taking rust off of the spokes on my Harley Davidson. As you can imagine, I will not let anything touch my Hog that could possible hurt it. The ability of TC-11 to melt rust without affecting rubber, paint, and plastic is simply amazing.

Major Bertagnolli, United States Army.

We had a customer doing repairs who had a corner crimper that kept jamming up on him. He had to apply a lot of pressure when trying to crimp corners. He came in and asked for a lubricant. We gave him TC-11 and the tool was miraculously repaired. It worked like a charm.
Mike Coupe
Beach Ace Hardware
Fort Lauderdale, FL

The first time I used TC-11, I was working on my backyard patio cover. I had a nut and bolt on a bracket that were very heavily corroded. I couldn't break it free dry, but as soon as I used TC-11 it came right apart. I use TC-11 on my boat to spray down the electrical connections and the motor. I have also given TC-11 to a local engine shop - J. Corneau California.

We tried TC-11 in July of 2001 and it has been so effective in controlling corrosion that we now offer it as an optional treatment for all of our customers. Some customers, such as dealers for Caterpillar and Case, insist upon TC-11 being applied to every piece of equipment that is put on a barge for shipment. Our customers inform us that TC-11 is highly effective in controlling rust, and best of all, it is easy to remove without the need for soap or degreasers -M. Maxwell, Northland Marine Services, Seattle, Washington.

My name is Frank Koz, and I own Ocean Marine Electronics - a sales and service company for the marine industry. Recently, one of my customers called me to repair his $6,000.00 radar. Upon inspection of the antenna, I found extensive water damage. The printed  circuit boards were green with corrosion. I didn't know if I could salvage them. Being out of the cleaner that I normally would have used, I purchased a can of  TC-11. Your product, I found out, not only removed the corrosion, but was easy to remove the residue. Upon reinstalling the unit, The customer thought I purchased all new boards, and was ready to cash in an IRA for the repair. He was amazed that all the boards were salvaged, and the bill, including labor, was a little more then $500.00, including the $10.00 for your product. Your TC-11 will, from now on, be the only cleaner in my vehicles.

I put TC-11 on a metal overhead door that was difficult to operate and it was making a lot of noise. As soon as I put TC-11 in the operating mechanism, it was much easier to operate and it no longer made any noise. The amazing thing is that this was three years ago, and the TC-11 is still doing its job. When I applied the TC-11 some of the over spray landed in a fish pond that was below the door. I figured that the fish were in big trouble. It turned out that the TC-11 had no effect on the fish. I recommend the product to everyone”. Glen – Kailua, Hawaii.


TC-11 -The best corrosion inhibitor on the market!


See the corrosion test results at Seeing is Believing!


            -The most effective penetrating oil on the market!

            - The most compatible multi-purpose lubricant on the  


            - Prevents vehicle corrosion damage from  road salt!

            - Stops, prevents, and  removes rust!


TC-11 provides long-term corrosion protection, even in salt water environments.


You don't have to take our word for it. Read the Practical Sailor review of TC-11 and competing products. TC-11 is the BEST CHOICE.


TC-11 frees frozen parts, even when everything else fails.


The identical steel Q-panels presented below were chemically cleaned, treated once with a competing product, and exposed to identical environmental conditions of 24-hours per day of a salt breeze, intermittent rainfall, tropical sunlight, and a nightly condensation cycle for 21 days. The panels were photographed on a daily basis to document the test results and the test can be duplicated by any interested party. A photo log of the daily test results is presented on the Seeing is Believing web page.

See the Competition page for more examples of how TC-11 performs in comparison to other products.

Here is a typical penetrating oil testimonial: “After trying everything from heat, a large hammer, WD-40, pullers - absolutely everything - this flywheel would not come off. I was afraid that I was going to have to cut it off and buy a new flywheel and crankshaft. That would have set me back a little over $900. But as soon as I thought my luck was gone, TC-11 to the rescue. I heard about it, thought about it, bought it at a local Ace hardware store.  It saved me a fortune. Thank you” - Danny Walton

The photograph below presents a throttle body after SIX YEARS OF OPERATION AND STORAGE in a salt-laden environment. All of the components are in "like new" condition. The rubber and plastic parts are still soft and supple.

The photograph below illustrates components from a NINE YEAR OLD vehicle treated with TC-11. The metal, rubber, and plastic parts are "like new".

The photograph below presents an ELEVEN YEAR OLD boat engine treated with TC-11 that has been used exclusively in salt water. The engine is in "like new" condition. All of the plastic parts are soft and supple. All of the parts except the spark plugs and the fuel filter are original.

A photograph of a SIX YEAR OLD tool set treated with TC-11 is presented below. All of the tools are in "like new" condition.


Every individual and every organization has a definite need for TC-11!


TC-11 is the first product to effectively:

  • Stop existing rust,

  • Prevent future rust,

  • Remove existing rust, and

  • Free frozen parts and fasteners.

TC-11 removes light surface rust with 0000 steel wool or a small wire brush.

TC-11 is an excellent semi-permanent penetrating lubricant.

TC-11 is very effective at preventing vehicle corrosion caused by road and ocean salt.

TC-11 makes electrical systems water resistant.

TC-11 removes recently set concrete from metal tools.

TC-11 removes adhesive residues, rust stains, and ink from most surfaces.

TC-11 does all this without adversely affecting rubber, paint, and plastic.

TC-11 is completely free of silicone and chlorine.

TC-11 comes off easily with soap and water or any degreasing surface cleaner.

TC-11 offers a significant performance improvement over all other corrosion inhibitors.

TC-11 is the end of  "Normal Wear and Tear"

TC-11 was developed by an aerospace engineer to increase the lifetime and reliability of all types of tools and equipment at a minimal cost.

TC-11 is the only corrosion inhibitor that provides documented side-by-side test results  to substantiate product performance claims. Standardized steel test panels treated once with a competing product and exposed to identical test conditions were used to generate the following test results.

This graph indicates that TC-11 offers unprecedented corrosion control performance. The TC-11 film is an excellent lubricant, so the lubrication performance of TC-11 is superior to competing bulk lubricants by the same margin as the unprecedented corrosion control performance. The rust penetrating capability of TC-11 is a function of the fact that TC-11 makes rust "float" off off the underlying metal. It has to be seen to be believed.

Retailer's Choice Award
Dealer's Pick Award
TC-11 won the Retailer's Choice Award at the August 2002 National Hardware Convention and the Dealers Pick Award at the September 2002 Hardware Conference on Marco Island, Florida.

TC-11 allows you to:

  • Maintain the original appearance and performance of equipment indefinitely with a minimum of cost and effort.
  • Help restore rusted equipment to its original. performance and appearance.
  • Increase the equipment lifetime and reduce operating. and maintenance costs for all types of equipment.
  • Prevent vehicle damage from road and ocean salt  in conjunction with painting and undercoating.
  • Make electrical systems virtually impervious to the effects of water for extended periods of time.
  • Perform a variety of household tasks, such as lubricating door and window hardware, removing rust stains, adhesive residue, and indelible ink from a wide variety of surfaces.

TC-11 actually lives up the performance claims.

TC-11 Corrosion Inhibitor

TC-11 One Gallon Jug TC-11 4.5 Gallon Jug
TC-11 One Gallon Jug TC-11 4.5 Gallon Jug
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