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Fishing Equipment

TC-11 is an optimized product for fishing equipment. TC-11 provides a barrier that protects metal components from oxygen, water, and salt. The 1/4-ounce Precision Applicator is perfect for putting one drop of TC-11 in exactly the right place to provide lubrication.

TC-11 can be used to restore reels that are suffering from corrosion.

It is a good practice to apply TC-11 to equipment prior to storage. In many cases more corrosion occurs during storage than occurs during operation.

It is a good practice to wash down equipment on a regular basis. This removes any salt and dirt that may accumulate. The water does not “touch” the equipment if it is treated with TC-11.

TC-11 is a penetrating lubricant. This means that TC-11 will penetrate into the most intricate mechanisms. TC-11 is a highly effective lubricant one it reaches the center of the mechanism. The life of the TC-11 film is measure in years because of the low sunlight conditions.

TC-11 does not affect rubber, paint, or plastic; which means that there is no need to be concerned about over spray landing on sensitive surfaces.

TC-11 dramatically increases the reliability of electrical and mechanical systems, which allows the boater to focus on the recreational aspects of the boating experience.


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