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Recreational Vehicles

Most recreational vehicles are exposed to the weather when in use or stored outdoors.  And, since there are many mechanisms essential to the proper workings of these vehicles, it is important that they be protected from rust and corrosion.  This effort will enhance the performance and reliability of these vehicles and contribute to a higher resale value.

When something breaks or fails to operate properly not only does it put a damper on one’s camping enjoyment, the cost to fix it can be quite high particularly if the repair service must travel to your location.

TC-11 is particularly effective when applied to areas that do not receive direct sunlight.  Most of the mechanisms such as slide- out rack and pinions, entryway steps, and towing attachment points are located below the vehicle.  Electrical connections are subject to corrosion in these environments and can ofter fail.  TC-11can protect all of these areas for up to two years per application in the absence of direct sunlight. 

TC-11 delivered via a convenient aerosol can works nicely to achieve effective application in tight spaces frequently found on these vehicles.

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