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TC-11® Technical Description and MSDS

General Description: TC-11 Corrosion Inhibitor, Penetrating Oil, and Multi-purpose lubricant.

Chemical Characteristics:   Aliphatic hydrocarbon with similarities to diesel fuel, kerosene, mineral spirits, and other common commercial and household products.

Health Risk: TC-11 is non-combustible. This means that TC-11 will not generate a flammable mixture in typical ambient conditions. TC-11 does not release any combustible vapors after it has set, which typically requires 20 minutes. TC-11 does not contain any chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or genetic mutations.

Department of Transportation Classification: Bulk TC-11 is a non-regulated combustible liquid with a flash point at or above 100o F (Not Regulated by D.O.T. if in a container of 119 gallons capacity or less) ERG 128.

The aerosol is an ORM-D. This is a consumer commodity classification used for aerosol paint containers and other common items.


  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • penetrating oil
  • lubricant
  • rust removal,
  • surface preparation
  • adhesive removal
  • indelible ink removal,
  • and freshly set concrete removal.

Unique Technical Features: Exceptional film life, penetrating semi-permanent lubricant, exceptional penetrating oil, softens rust and recently set concrete, and cleans clouded headlight lenses without affecting rubber, paint and plastic.

Intellectual Property Status: Trade Secret
Trademark: TC-11®


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Aerosol Lubricant

1 Gallon Lubricant

5 Gallon Lubricant

55 Gallon Lubricant