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About H&N Industries, LLC 

H&N Industries, LLC of Honolulu, Hawaii manufactures and markets the world’s best corrosion inhibitor. TC-11 was first sold to a commercial customer in 2001 to prevent corrosion on heavy equipment shipped as deck cargo from Seattle to Honolulu. TC-11 was first sold in Hawaii to Ace Hardware beginning February of 2002, and this store has gone on to sell more than 4,000 aerosols. TC-11 was placed in the True Value warehouse in September of 2003. TC-11 was placed in the Ace warehouse in April of 2003. TC-11 was placed in the Do-It-Best warehouse in February of 2005.

In addition to the remarkable reviews TC-11 has received from its customers in the field, TC-11 received a coveted Retailers Choice Award at the 2002 National Hardware Conference. TC-11 followed that award with a Dealers Pick Award at the 2002 Hardware Conference. TC-11 followed that award with a selection as a Best Choice and a Best of the Best by Practical Sailor  Magazine.

TC-11 was invented by Bruce Huddleston, an aerospace engineer who worked on projects such as the Space Shuttle and the B-1B for Rockwell International.  Mr. Huddleston also worked as a senior environmental engineer for organizations such as Mobil, Texaco, and Unocal. Mr. Huddleston also worked as a Project Director for the U.S. Department of Energy.

A photograph of Mr. Huddleston working on the Forward Reaction Control System of the Space Shuttle is presented below.

Mr. Huddleston originally developed TC-11 to protect two personal watercraft from the effects of saltwater corrosion. The two original TC-11 test articles are still completely corrosion free and fully operable after fifteen years of use in saltwater and storage in a salt breeze.

The rubber, paint, and plastic that has been exposed to TC-11 for fifteen years are unaffected by the exposure. The spark plug boots are still supple and free of cracks. All of the electrical insulation is in “like new” condition.

These test conditions for personal watercraft are presented below.

This photograph was taken on December 25, 2000 at an outer reef spot referred to as “Avalanches” on the North Shore of Oahu. The wave height is approximately 40 feet from crest to trough and the wave thickness is approximately 90 feet. The boat on the left is the original TC-11 test article. A component failure in these conditions like these is not an option.