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Locks Out Moisture

Prevents Rust and Corrosion!

TC-11Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor

The best corrosion inhibitor you can buy!

See the corrosion test results at Seeing is Believing!

  • The most effective penetrating oil on the market!
  • The most compatible multi-purpose lubricant on the market!
  • Prevents vehicle corrosion damage from road salt!
  • Stops, prevents, and removes rust!
  • Frees frozen parts, even when everything else fails.
  • Provides long-term corrosion protection, even in salt water environments.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Read the Practical Sailor® review of TC-11 and competing products. TC-11 outperforms all others.

The identical steel Q-panels presented below were chemically cleaned, treated once with a competing product, and exposed to identical environmental conditions of 24-hours per day of a salt breeze, intermittent rainfall, tropical sunlight, and a nightly condensation cycle for 21 days. The panels were photographed on a daily basis to document the test results and the test can be duplicated by any interested party. A photo log of the daily test results is presented on the Seeing Is Believing web page.



See the Competition page for more examples of how TC-11 performs in comparison to other products.


“After trying everything from heat, a large hammer, WD-40®, pullers – absolutely everything – this flywheel would not come off. I was afraid that I was going to have to cut it off and buy a new flywheel and crankshaft. That would have set me back a little over $900. But as soon as I thought my luck was gone, TC-11 to the rescue. I heard about it, thought about it, bought it at a local Ace® hardware store. It saved me a fortune. Thank you”

Danny Walton

The photograph below presents a throttle body after SIX YEARS OF OPERATION AND STORAGE in a salt-laden environment. All of the components are in “like new” condition. The rubber and plastic parts are still soft and supple.

Clean Throttle Body
The photograph below illustrates components from a NINE YEAR OLD vehicle treated with TC-11. The metal, rubber, and plastic parts are “like new”.


Jaguar Master Cylinder
The photograph below presents an ELEVEN YEAR OLD boat engine treated with TC-11 that has been used exclusively in salt water. The engine is in “like new” condition. All of the plastic parts are soft and supple. All of the parts except the spark plugs and the fuel filter are original.


1995 Yamaha WaveRaider Engine Compartment
A photograph of a SIX YEAR OLD tool set treated with TC-11 is presented below. All of the tools are in “like new” condition.

Tools treated with TC-11

Every individual and every organization has a definite need for TC-11!

TC-11 is the first corrosion inhibitor to effectively:

  • Stop existing rust
  • Prevent future rust,
  • Remove existing rust, and
  • Free frozen parts and fasteners.
  • TC-11 removes light surface rust with 0000 steel wool or a small wire brush.

TC-11 is an excellent semi-permanent penetrating lubricant.

TC-11 is very effective at preventing vehicle corrosion caused by road and ocean salt.

TC-11 makes electrical systems water resistant.

TC-11 removes recently set concrete from metal tools.

TC-11 removes adhesive residues, rust stains, and ink from most surfaces.

TC-11 does all this without adversely affecting rubber, paint, and plastic.

TC-11 is completely free of silicone and chlorine.

TC-11 comes off easily with soap and water or any degreasing surface cleaner.

TC-11 offers a significant performance improvement over all other corrosion inhibitors.

TC-11 is the end of “Normal Wear and Tear

TC-11 was developed by an aerospace engineer to increase the lifetime and reliability of all types of tools and equipment at a minimal cost.

TC-11 is the only corrosion inhibitor that provides documented side-by-side test results to substantiate product performance claims. Standardized steel test panels treated once with a competing product and exposed to identical test conditions were used to generate the following test results.

This graph indicates that TC-11 offers unprecedented corrosion control performance. The TC-11 film is an excellent lubricant, so the lubrication performance of TC-11 is superior to competing bulk lubricants by the same margin as the unprecedented corrosion control performance. The rust penetrating capability of TC-11 is a function of the fact that TC-11 makes rust “float” off off the underlying metal. It has to be seen to be believed.

Dealer's Pick Award

TC-11 won the Retailer’s Choice Award at the August 2002 National Hardware Convention and the Dealers Pick Award at the September 2002 Hardware Conference on Marco Island, Florida.

TC-11 enables you to:

Maintain the original appearance and performance of equipment indefinitely with a minimum of cost and effort.

  • Help restore rusted equipment to its original. performance and appearance.
  • Increase the equipment lifetime and reduce operating. and maintenance costs for all types of equipment.
  • Prevent vehicle damage from road and ocean salt in conjunction with painting and undercoating.
  • Make electrical systems virtually impervious to the effects of water for extended periods of time.
  • Perform a variety of household tasks, such as lubricating door and window hardware, removing rust stains, adhesive residue, and indelible ink from a wide variety of surfaces.

TC-11 actually lives up  to its performance claims.

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