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Here’s What You Can Do With TC-11:

  • Maintain the original appearance and performance of your equipment indefinitely with a minimum of cost and effort.
  • Help restore rusted equipment to its original. performance and appearance.
  • Increase the equipment lifetime and reduce operating. and maintenance costs for all types of equipment.
  • Prevent vehicle damage from road and ocean salt in conjunction with painting and undercoating.
  • Make your electrical systems virtually impervious to the effects of water for extended periods of time. TC-11 is a dielectric corrosion inhibitor.
  • Perform a variety of household tasks, such as lubricating door and window hardware, removing rust stains, adhesive residue, and indelible ink from a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Loosen locked surfaces such as nuts and bolts with TC-11’s deep penetrating power.


Here’s The Thing!

While there are a lot of products purporting to solve your rust and corrosion woes, the truth is, they simply don’t make good on their claims. Below are photos of identical steel Q-panels that were chemically cleaned, treated once with a competing product, and exposed to identical environmental conditions of 24-hours per day of a salt breeze, intermittent rainfall, tropical sunlight, and a nightly condensation cycle for 21 days. The panels were photographed on a daily basis to document the test results and the test can be duplicated by any interested party.

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The Ultimate Corrosion Inhibitor

No other rust and corrosion inhibitor performs like TC-11. Whether you need to protect ordinary household items or heavy industrial equipment on land, at sea or in the air in the harshest of environments, you can count on TC-11. Order your supply today!

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100% Money-back Guarantee!

TC-11′s proven performance is unmatched.  Without a doubt, it will be your best friend for everyday use and for demanding applications in the toughest of environments.  It beats its competitors in every way and its protective power lasts up to three times longer than its closest competitor making its per application cost 1/3 less.  You won’t find a better value than tc-11.  


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What Our Customers Are Saying!

  • Daniel Mease
    I have been using TC-11 now for ten years. This is the best on the market that I have found. I used this on all the windows and door hinges and locks on an oceanfront property every six months. TC-11 also works excellent for electrical connections, light sockets, and boats too!
  • Mike L.

    I have been a very happy customer since 2003. I have used LPS, WD-40 and other similar products in institutional settings particularly marine applications and nothing comes close to this product. It has freed up shaft to bushing applications close to seizing and the products are still running after 17 years. Try it! You will never use anything else!

  • Danny Walton

    After trying everything from heat, a large hammer, WD-40®, pullers – absolutely everything – this flywheel would not come off. I was afraid that I was going to have to cut it off and buy a new flywheel and crankshaft. That would have set me back a little over $900. But as soon as I thought my luck was gone, TC-11 to the rescue. I heard about it, thought about it, bought it at a local Ace® hardware store. It saved me a fortune. Thank you

  • BigBill

    Came over it accidentally on some review, tried it out and I have to confess this is absolutely the best stuff I've ever used. Works on almost everything and usually better than dedicated products. It's ACTUALLY PENETRATES, so don't leave it for long on shiny chrome - it will stain it. I ordered test can and after trying ordered another two - TC-11 is absolutely amazing, pricey bur worth every cent.

  • AlicienLA

    Great product. I used it on my steel casement window hinges and also on door locks and padlocks. I will definitely buy it again.

  • G3RM4NDR1V3N

    This stuff is truly awesome. works excellent and I have tried MANY different kinds/ brands of penetrating spray. Have been able to get exhaust hardware and other rusted bolts/ nuts off without issue after using this.

  • Tom

    I have experienced a lot of anti-corrosion products including, but not limited to: CRC, PB Blaster, WD 40 products, etc., and nothing, I mean NOTHING compares to TC-11. This is one of the best-kept secrets on anti-corrosion sprays. Most people I talk to about anti-corrosion sprays have never heard of this product, but they swear by theirs. Go to the tc-11.com site and look at the results for yourself. I used this on my cell phone connections - both the earphone and the power, my motorcycle - anything and everything - I spray TC-11 on everything except the brake pads, all wire connections, light bulb connections, etc. My car is an Audi S8 and I just saved myself over $1000 for a complete passenger headlamp assembly because my light bulb went out and would continue going out no matter how many times I replaced the $120 bulb. I simply sprayed the bulb connection and the based of the bulb itself and re-connected. Haven't had a light bulb issue since. I was always under the impression that if you spray anything on an electrical connection or a circuit board it would short it out. Well, now I know better. I spray TC-11 on virtually everything (except brake pads - lol) and it protects the complete area. It also works great to spray on rusted bolts that you can't seem to remove - just spray it on, wait 15 minutes or so and the rusted bolt will unfreeze and you can remove it. GREAT PRODUCT - I cannot say enough good things about it! Throw away any other anti-corrosion product and get this. It may cost twice as much as any other product but it works 100x better!

  • Joe BrownPhoenix Home Owner

    Recently, I retrieved an old and seized up air-compressor that my son was about to consign to the junkyard. It sure looked like that was where it belonged. I've been using TC-11 for a couple of years now and it has performed as advertised. So, based on my experience with it I figured it just might bring the old air compressor back to life. I sprayed TC-11 both inside and outside the electric motor and compressor and let it sit for a couple of days, cleaned it up and plugged it in. I now have a perfectly good air-compressor and I didn't even use a full can of TC-11 to do it. I highly recommend TC-11 to anyone wanting to defeat rust and corrosion.

  • M. MaxwellNorthland Marine Services, Seattle, WA

    We've been using TC-11 since July of 2001 and it has been so effective in controlling corrosion that we now offer it as an optional treatment for all of our customers. Some customers, such as dealers for Caterpillar and Case, insist upon TC-11 being applied to every piece of their equipment that is put on our barges for shipment. Our customers inform us that TC-11 is highly effective in controlling rust and corrosion, and best of all, it is easy to remove without the need for soap or degreasers.

  • ScoonerdogOwner, St. Francis 44 MK II Catamaran

    TC-11 is a great product! I learned about it in a Practical Sailor review of TC-11as a lubricant/protectant corrosion protector. They sprayed a bunch of cheap radios with different products and then put them on a board inside a saltwater aquarium just above the water. Only the radio with TC-11 survived, most turned to rust. Anyway, I bought a can of TC-11 and have been happily using it around the boat for now over a year. Seems to work as described preventing rust and works very well on freeing up things that have seized. Spray it on a frozen bolt, walk away for 30 minutes, and then come back and typically it does the job.

    I also found it excellent as a spray protectant/polish on stainless steel surfaces (we’ve got a stainless fridge and it gets all of the smudges off). It doesn’t form a film like Boeshield or become sticky like many of the other products. I basically use it whenever I take anything apart and I’m putting it back together, except for dissimilar metals where you’d need a specialized product. I also give a quick spritz on the exterior metal fittings on standing rigging, clasps, hooks, turnbuckles, etc.

    My wife’s central locking system was sticking and unable to unlock the doors, a squirt and it’s resolved, door squeaks, fixed. What can I say, live on a boat for 10 years and something that helps stop rust and corrosion is absolutely lovely.

  • Frank KozOwner: Ocean Marine Electronics

    Recently, one of my customers called me to repair his $6,000.00 radar. Upon inspection of the antenna, I found extensive water damage. The printed circuit boards were green with corrosion. I didn’t know if I could salvage them. Being out of the cleaner that I normally would have used, I purchased a can of TC-11. Your product, I found out, not only removed the corrosion but was easy to remove the residue. Upon reinstalling the unit, The customer thought I purchased all new boards and was ready to cash in an IRA for the repair. He was amazed that all the boards were salvaged, and the bill, including labor, was a little more than $500.00, including the $10.00 for your product. Your TC-11 will, from now on, be the only corrosion cleaner and inhibitor in my vehicles.