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Handyman & Tool Applications

TC-11 has been recommended by none other than Glenn Haege, America’s Master Handyman. Mr. Haege’s “The MasterHandyman” radio show can be heard from coast-to-coast and his syndicated column appears in dozens of newspapers. Mr. Haege discovered TC-11 at the 2002 National Hardware Show and was so impressed with TC-11 that he featured an interview with the TC-11 inventor – Bruce Huddleston – on his November 11, 2002 program.

Hand Tools

Hand tools are an excellent application for TC-11.

Many tools fail because of corrosion, not wear or breakage.

If your tools are rust free and clean, just apply a light coat of TC-11 . Once a year, wipe down the tool and the tool box with a clean cloth. This removes the salt an dirt that inevitably accumulate.

If your tools are rusty, TC-11 does a great job of freeing up the articulated mechanisms and removing the existing rust. Apply a thick coat of TC-11 and immediately agitate the surface with 0000 steel wool. Continue to agitate the surface until the rust is gone. In cases of heavy rust it may be necessary to use a small stainless steel wire brush. A slight discoloration may remain, but this is a passivated surface and it is fairly corrosion resistant.

If you use your tools on a daily basis, you want a very light coat of TC-11. If you use your tools on an intermittent basis, you want a fairly heavy coat of TC-11.

Do not store tools in the sun and rain. Even TC-11 will fail if the tool is heated by the sun and heavy raindrops land on the hot film.

It is a good practice to wipe tools down after use and before placing them in storage.

Once you become accustomed to the look and feel of hand tools treated with TC-11, you will not want to go back to the old system.

Once TC-11 has set, which takes about twenty minutes, the film that remains is no more of a health risk than cooking oil. It is a “residual petroleum hydrocarbon”, which means that it consists of hydrocarbons that are virtually identical to the hydrocarbons found in fried food. The bottom line is that once TC-11 has set, you don’t have to worry about getting it on your hands.

Power Tools

Power tools are an ideal application for TC-11. If your tool is new, it is a good practice to apply a thin coat of TC-11 to the entire tool. Let the tool sit overnight before use.

Electrical Tools

If you have a used power tool, they usually need cleaning.  Compressed air is a great way to clean power tools. One area that often gets overlooked is cooling air passages. Dirt and sawdust tend to accumulate in these areas, and the motor will eventually overheat and fail if the debris are not removed.

The worst thing to do is to spray TC-11 into the motor of a very dirty tool.

Use a compressed air nozzle to clean the air passages. Nothing else works. If you see a big cloud of dust fly out of the motor with the first blast of air, you just did yourself a big favor. We do not recommend spraying TC-11 into the motor. It isn’t really necessary, and it can lead to problems. TC-11 has a big impact on the film coefficient of the cooling surfaces, so it isn’t a good idea. In addition, it can make dust accumulation a problem. You want clean dry motors.

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools are an excellent application for TC-11. A lot of mechanics do not have proper filtering, dehydration, and oiling systems for their air supply. This means that wet and oil free air goes through the tool. Once the factory provided oil film dissipates, the corrosion begins. By putting a few drops of TC-11 in the air inlet every few hours of operation, this type of problem can be eliminated.

TC-11 applied to the tool lubricates and protects the moving parts. In the case of nail guns, 50 percent of the tool is an articulated mechanism. If the tool is in daily use, maintain a very thin film of TC-11. If the tool is in storage, maintain a fairly thick film of TC-11. Wipe off accumulated dirt and salt after taking the tool out of storage and before putting the tool back into use, and re-apply a thin coat of TC-11.



Welding Tools

TC-11 is an excellent product for protecting welding tools. The TC-11 is non-combustible twenty minutes after application.


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