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The Ultimate Corrosion Test

Northland Marine Services operates a barge service between Seattle and Hawaii. During the months of October to April, the barges are exposed to rough conditions. The months of December and January are particularly rough because of cold fronts that routinely generate open ocean wave heights of thirty feet or more. Waves break over the bow of the barge, and the entire barge is inundated with a salt mist.

Northland Marine Services has offered Case, Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, Volvo, International, and other customers the option of treating their equipment with TC-11 prior to the voyage for a modest fee since July of 2001. The customer washes off the TC-11 with a pressure washer when it arrives at its final destination, and the treated equipment is virtually corrosion free.

The January 27, 2004 voyage was so rough that the tugboat engine failed, and the voyage was 27days instead of the usual 16 days. This provided an excellent opportunity to test the performance of TC-11 in extreme conditions.

The photographs presented below provide a graphic indication as to how effective TC-11 is as a corrosion inhibitor. All of the equipment in the photographs was exposed to identical environmental conditions, so it is possible to draw accurate conclusions about the performance of TC-11 based upon the photographic evidence.

The test conditions are presented below. The blue paver was untreated, almost all of the other vehicles were treated with TC-11.

Northland Marines Services Barge Deck

The condition of an untreated surface is presented below. The salt penetrated through the paint to the underlying metal!

Untreated surface of the blue paver.

The condition of a surface treated with TC-11 that was exposed to exactly the same conditions is presented below. Even an unpainted surface is still corrosion free

Surface treated with Tc-11


The condition of an untreated engine is presented below

Untreated Engine

The condition of an engine that was treated with TC-11 and exposed to exactly the same environmental conditions is presented below.

Engine treated with TC-11


The condition of an untreated suspension component is presented below.

Untreated drive-train component


The condition of a suspension system treated with TC-11 and exposed to exactly the same environmental conditions is presented below.

Suspension treated with TC-11

The photographs illustrate that TC-11 is 100% effective in preventing corrosion, even if the equipment is on an open barge in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean in January for 27 days.

The photographs also illustrate that TC-11 has no effect on any type of rubber, paint, or plastic.

Every barge trip that arrives with corrosion free equipment that was treated with TC-11 is proof positive that TC-11 can pass The Ultimate Corrosion Test.