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The objective is to have a thin coat of TC-11 in place to prevent corrosion and to provide lubrication. If the coat of TC-11 is too thick the equipment will gather dust.Storage

The objective is to have a thick coat of TC-11 in place.

  • Wash down the piece of equipment.
  • Apply a thick coat of TC-11.
  • Wait 20 minutes.
  • Apply a second coat of TC-11.
  • After storage, wash down the piece of equipment to remove dust and debris.

Handling Fertilizers

Fertilizers significantly accelerate corrosion rate. You want to maintain a thick coat of TC-11 on all metal parts that are exposed to fertilizers.

While farmers can’t control the weather, they can and do keep corrosion in check with properly applied TC-11.  TC-11 is appropriate for virtually any repair and maintenance projects one is likely to encounter on the farm.  

Convenient  1-gal and 4.5 gal sizes are available.  For large commercial operations, 55-gal size TC-11 is available.  Call for pricing.


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