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  1. Cleaning – TC-11 is an excellent product for cleaning guns, including the barrel. It does not affect bluing.
  2. Storage – a heavy coat of TC-11 will protect a gun in storage for a year or more.
  3. Operation – a thin coat of TC-11 will prevent water from harming a gun in the field.
  4. Cleaning paint guns – TC-11 is perfect for cleaning paint guns without affecting the seals and gaskets.TC-11 works well on guns and sports equipment of all kinds.

TC-11 does not affect bluing.

TC-11 enables you to remove rust and deposits from older guns and equipment with ease, without harming rubber, plastic or painted parts, including wooden stock.

A thin film of TC-11 applied to all metal surfaces prevents contact with oxygen, water, chlorine, and skin acids. This means that the metal will retain its original appearance indefinitely.

The TC-11 protective barrier means that your gun will perform better when hunting in wet and rainy conditions and will be easier to clean and restore to ‘like new’ appearance after the hunt.

TC-11 is recommended by Keith Davis of “Gone Huntin‘.


TC-11® Gun Cleaning

The unique characteristic of TC-11 is that it removes residue and corrosion as effectively or better than any competing product without affecting bluing, wood, paint, rubber or plastic parts. The importance of this characteristic cannot be overemphasized. Many gun-cleaning solvents have specific directions to avoid contact between the solvent and any portion of the weapon other than the area being cleaned. TC-11 has no effect on any material or coating used in the construction of a weapon.

A photograph of a gun cleaning patch treated with TC-11 after wiping a barrel cleaned with a leading competitor showing a large amount of residue removed and demonstrating the superior efficacy of TC-11 is presented below.

A photograph of a cleaning patch soaked with competing product used to wipe down barrel cleaned with TC-11 showing no residue removed from a gun barrel cleaned with TC-11.


TC-11 has minimal health and safety issues and as well as a high cost benefit ratio.

TC-11 Ultimate Gun Protection

  • TC-11 preserves weapons in the field to an unprecedented degree and it incorporates the following features.
  • TC-11 is easy to apply – there is no need for special surface preparation. TC-11 can also be used to clean and lubricate weapons.
  • TC-11 completely penetrates intricate mechanisms – this means that weapons are completely protected. TC-11 displaces any moisture that may be present.
  • TC-11 protects weapons in the field to an unprecedented degree, even if the weapon is submerged. The micro-spaces in the threads and fittings will be filled with TC-11, so if the weapon is immersed the water will never come into contact with the weapon. TC-11 is even effective in salt water.
  • TC-11 provides long-term corrosion protection and lubrication. TC-11 does not evaporate and it does not harden into a wax film.
  • TC-11 is completely compatible with all materials of construction and coating.
  • TC-11 has minimal safety and health issues as well as a high cost benefit ratio.